A YouTube video from a company named Switch demonstrates how business people and professionals are increasingly able to do more of their work remotely or at various different sites interchangeably – releasing them from the historic shackles of an office desk.
For better or worse, it is hard not to agree with the core message of this video:
We know that today, work is not a place you go, but a thing you do.
Anyone who is trying to balance two or three major life activities (e.g., a law practice and a family) will welcome any advances that allow a seamless transition of work from one location to another – not least a feature that allows you to turn it off completely when you are finished for the day.
Switch is just one of many companies that are working to increase our capacity to get work done no matter where we are, and perhaps even to take some guilt-free non-work time when we – or our families – need it.
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