stevesm.jpg Steve Matthews, of “Vancouver Law Librarian Blog” fame, titled his post today: Kay, MacEwan & Riskin on KM ROI (Knowledge Management — Return on Investment). Steve summarizes comments made by Stuart Kay from Baker & McKenzie, Australia, Bruce MacEwan, known in the blogosphere as Adam Smith Esq., yours truly, with an honorable mention of David Maister. I do not want to do Steve Matthews a disservice by trying to further summarize the already superb summary in his post so I will let it speak for itself. A tangental point: As far as “Kay, MacEwan & Riskin” is concerned, that is the beauty of the blogosphere. We can collaborate, learn from each other and come together in any combination or permutation in an instant… everyone/anyone can. For now, you can experience Kay, MacEwan, Maister Matthews & Riskin (alphabetical order) at Steve’s post — I think that is very cool — do you?