AugEIC2The August issue of Edge International Communiqué (EIC)  has now been posted on the Edge International website.

We start off with a warm welcome to Shirley Anne Fortina, our newest principal, after which the issue features an article Bithika Anand developed particularly for small, niche, family-run law firms in India. In “Acquisitions as an Exit Strategy in Indian Law Firms,Bithika discusses the advantages to such firms of considering acquisitions when founders are thinking of retirement.

In “Are Traditional Profit-Sharing Models the Enemy of Diversity?” Neil Oakes discusses the implications of various types of partnership profit-sharing strategies in law firms, and explores some of the ways in which adding profit-based sharing to the mix can foster diversity and flexibility.

In the final article in the August issue, David Cruickshank explores the pros and cons of sharing partner-level revenues and profitability figures among some or all partners in “Sharing Your Profitability Numbers: All For One?” 

Each month, EIC publishes items of interest to lawyers around the world on various aspects of law-firm strategy, marketing, technology, management, economics, human relations and a host of other topics. In addition to the most recent edition, the Edge International site includes a sign-up page for those who are interested in subscribing to EIC, as well as a list of archived articles.

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