160 year old McCarter & English, a firm of over 400 lawyers with offices in Boston, Hartford, Stamford, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia and Wilmington is rolling out Vizibility QR codes on attorney business cards and printed biographies (with embedded patented SearchMeTM buttons).

A Vizibility Law Firm can determine which Google results clients and prospective clients see first by using a one-click access to a verified Google search.

“Adding tools that provide quick access to the online content of our attorneys just makes economic sense,” said Alitia Faccone, Partner in the e-Discovery practice group at McCarter & English.

“We know from website analytics that our professionals are being researched online extensively and that legal decision makers are less likely to hire an attorney if their credentials cannot be verified online.”

I had the opportunity to discuss Vizibility with its Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Oxford graduate James Alexander.  His experience is nothing less than extraordinary including serving as Director of Product Management at Adobe Systems for 7 years. In my opinion, James has given Vizibility a clear vision coupled with extremely powerful technology.

If you can spare one minute and 51 seconds, watch James’ bio and then you may understand why your law firm should become a Vizibility law firm and why I am going to test Vizibility‘s technology myself.