sunsetanim1.gif Anguilla I got tagged both by Patrick Lamb of In Search of Perfect Client Service and Bruce Allen of Marketing Catalyst. I think this is all Larry Bodine’s doing – it’s addictive like eating a potato chip – there is no way to stop. Assembling responses for this took me on quite a journey. Here goes: Four Jobs I’ve had: Salesman (while student) Lawyer Managing Partner Law Firm Consultant Four movies I can watch over and over: Killer Bash (Stars my daughter, Raquel) The Game Star Wars Raiders of the Lost Ark Four TV shows I love to watch: CNN Headline News Seinfeld The Apprentice Discovery Channel History Series Four places I’ve been on vacation: Safari, Sabi Sabi, Kruger National Park, South Africa St. Petersburg, Russia Banff & Jasper, Canada Great Barrier Reef (and Rainforest), Australia Four tunes that play through my head: Girl from Ipanema by Antonio Carlos Jobim sung by Frank Sinatra Stop This World – Diana Krall Unforgettable – Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole People – Barbara Streisand Four favorite dishes: Anything my wife, Bethany, prepares at home Filet at Morton’s Peking Duck at Flower Drum (Melbourne) Baked potato (at London’s Covent Garden) Four websites I visit daily: Tons of them (300) by RSS Feed Drudge Report Apple The Anguillian Newspaper (online) Four books I really love: The Laws of Success – Napoleon Hill Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell True Professionalism – David Maister Good to Great – Jim Collins Four places I’d rather be: I would rather be where I am: with my wife, Bethany, in paradise (Anguilla) Visiting my grown children, Daniel, Matthew and Raquel, wherever they happen to be At the Spa in the Rain Forest at Great Barrier Reef with Bethany After Posting this, swimming in the Ocean Four bloggers I’m tagging: Robert Millard Ed Wesemann David Maister Kevin O’Keefe Thank you to I Love Anguilla web site for the great Anguilla photos.