BCI BlogA survey conducted by BTI Consulting Group, as reported recently on its Mad Clientist blog, shows that rainmakers book five times more business than the average law firm partner.

In answer to the obvious question, “How?”, BTI president Michael B. Rynowecer proposes possibilities that range across such areas as self-discipline, relationship management, communications skills, values and focus.

Among other behaviours Rynowecer theorizes that rainmakers have developed to a greater extent than have other lawyers is “The ability to focus on forever.”

“Rainmakers say there is no such thing as one and done,” he says. “They work at figuring out client needs and finding the right firm resources—this includes skills, chemistry and bringing these resources up to speed. The focus is on filling a broad range of needs seamlessly with the right resources so the client need not look elsewhere—ever.”

In his post, Rynowecer discusses four other behaviours that distinguish rainmakers, stressing his observation that building relationships is the key to business growth for law firms. He has expanded on what he has learned about successful rainmakers in his new book, Clientelligence: How Superior Client Relationships Fuel Growth and Profits.

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