Are you anxious? depressed? chronically stressed? Jeena Cho, who with Karen Gifford has co-authored a book for the American Bar Association entitled The Anxious Lawyer, has some reassuring news that may not come as much of a surprise: your mental state is common among lawyers.

In an article on their anxiouslawyer website, Jeena Cho argues that these mental conditions are attributable to “cognitive distortions” – statements we tell ourselves that are not actually true. Cho says that these misstatements are based on three basic misconceptions: 1) that we are not “enough”; 2) that “more is always better”; and 3) that “I must sacrifice myself and my well-being for others.”

Cho goes on to explore why each of these statements is counterproductive as well as being false. She and her co-author believe that mindfulness and meditation are the keys to less stressful and more productive law practices, and they offer guidance to those who are interested in helping themselves attain a more consistent state of calm.

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