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Help for Stressed-Out Lawyers

Are you anxious? depressed? chronically stressed? Jeena Cho, who with Karen Gifford has co-authored a book for the American Bar Association entitled The Anxious Lawyer, has some reassuring news that may not come as much of a surprise: your mental state is common among lawyers. In an article on their anxiouslawyer website, Jeena Cho argues that these … Continue Reading

Recession-Proof your Law Firm

The worst market crisis in 60 years: "recession or worse"?  Says who? The 80th richest man in the world, George Soros, (estimated net worth of 8.5 Billion according to Forbes).  Is Mr. Soros toying with the "D" word: "Depression" when he says "recession or worse"? I recommend that you read the entire Financial Times (FT) … Continue Reading