The Secret Step:  Asking the delegatee for ideas regarding the assigned task. 

Four reasons why your delegatee may have an unanticipated but valuable contribution to make

1)  Your delegatee may have performed a similar task in the past for someone who knew something different (and valuable)
2)  Your delegatee may be just creative enough to originate a valuable suggestion that you had not thought of

3)  Your delegatee sees the task from a different vantage point than you do and may have a better sense of how to tackle the task in the most efficient manner

4)  Your delegatee will be motivated by the respect you show in asking, whether you accept a suggestion or not.

Caveat:  It’s OK to say no.  Asking for suggestions does not mean you must accept them.  Your delegatee will appreciate your asking (and your consideration) even if you decide in your particular circumstances to proceed differently (perhaps as you originally intended).

Try it – our (Edge International) research indicates it works!!