Lawyers appreciate good health, security and happiness – BUT WAIT, doesn’t everyone?  Yes.  That’s my point.  Lawyers are people and the vast majority of them are really good people.

Lawyers appreciate people who treat them with the dignity and respect. 

Lawyers appreciate people who recognize lawyer jokes for what they are – a form of bigotry (and who therefore pass on the opportunity to proliferate them).

Basically, I guess this means that lawyers appreciate the same things everybody else does – so whether you are a lawyer or not,  may you have the things you appreciate in abundance in 2007.

Happy Holidays!

Note:  This is a departure from my usual posts which are directed to Managing Partners and those who assist them in running their firms.  This is a "lawyers appreciate" post conceived by Julie Fleming Brown of Life at the Bar and Stephanie West Allen of Idealawg as a way to close out the year with a flurry of appreciation in the legal blogosphere.  (I am honoured to have been tapped to do a “Lawyers appreciate" post and to tap three more bloggers to do the same.)