Some law firm leaders complain that they can’t give orders in a partnership.  Gettysburg was proof that you can not get your orders obeyed even in the military if you are not a true leader.

A number of weeks ago, I spent the day in the battlefields of Gettysburg with two retired army colonels. These leadership specialists guided an advanced entrepreneurial class from Penn State University (and me as a guest) for a leadership training day using the battlefield as an instructional tool. The tour was not strenuous (although some walking is involved) – and I learned a lot. It was an amazing experience and a very clever way to use the historic three-day battle as a source of inspiration and learning.

If you are interested in taking one of these fascinating tours – either at Gettysburg or at several other historic locations in the U.S. – contact retired U.S. Army Colonel Dr. Jeffrey McCausland, founder and CEO of Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy LLC. More information about the company’s individual, group and corporate leadership programs is available on the Diamond6 website.