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Nurture Effective Leadership Where You Need It the Most

I was pleased to contribute an article entitled “Stealth Discrimination: A Model for Choosing and Managing Your Leaders” to the December 2017 issue of Edge International Communique. I developed the “Stealth Discrimination Model” several years ago to assist managing partners and others responsible for leadership in law firms who (like most of us) simply do … Continue Reading

Why Google Values Predictability

_________________________ A recent post on the Human Capital League website talks about “The Boring Trait that Google Looks for in its Leaders.” Contrary to what most of us might think, the article says, “The most important character trait of a leader is one that you’re more likely to associate with a dull person than a … Continue Reading

New Leadership Models for the Creative Economy

I recently came across a fascinating video presentation by management expert, academic and author Gary Hamel. Hamel is a founder of Strategos, an international management consulting firm based in Chicago. In the video, Hamel notes that today, leaders often appear to be coming up short. This is not an individual problem, he says: it is … Continue Reading

It’s Not Just About Team Spirit: Great Managers Can Boost Your Bottom Line

    Considering the money law firms invest in every newly hired attorney, it would make sense for partners to pay closer attention to lawyer satisfaction. But according to Gerry Riskin, founding partner of law firm consultancy Edge International, "most firms are oblivious" to attrition costs. "That expense is unacceptable, yet firms have been accepting … Continue Reading

Recession-Proof your Law Firm

The worst market crisis in 60 years: "recession or worse"?  Says who? The 80th richest man in the world, George Soros, (estimated net worth of 8.5 Billion according to Forbes).  Is Mr. Soros toying with the "D" word: "Depression" when he says "recession or worse"? I recommend that you read the entire Financial Times (FT) … Continue Reading

Leaders: Genuine Inspiration from Sir Richard Branson

Is the UK’s wealthiest man also its wisest?  If you have about 1/2 hour to sit in on a fascinating conversation with Sir Richard, head over to Adventures in Strategy, my Edge colleague and friend, Robert Millard’s blog post: Richard Branson on Life, Succeeding in Business and Everything (Recorded March 2007 in Monterey, California. Duration: … Continue Reading