Can the American Bar Association possibly be correct?  If so, then: 

"Eighty-one percent of minority women quit private law firms within five years because they get shunted into dead-end jobs and aren’t welcomed the way other new employees are, according to an American Bar Association report."

This according to a news report today in the Miami Herald: "Minority women held back in private law firms"

American law firms could learn a lot from the exemplary efforts of some South African law firms we have the privilege of serving.   Admittedly, they are spurred forward by their Black Empowerment legislation (which includes gender issues) but they are leap years ahead and the same study there would yield contrasting results.

My question:  at what stage does bigotry become abusive?

I am a staunch "free enterpriser" and if I thought these results reflected a contrast in merit or capability I might look at this differently but the results are too extreme for that speculation. 

So who gets the black eye – American private law firms or minority women.  The photograph has the black eye where it is but not where it belongs.