(Please pass this forward to 2 and 3rd year law and lateral candidates.)

According to Claude Sheer, CEO of Vault.com., “The Vault/MCCA Legal Diversity Career Fair will offer a hands-on insider’s perspective of the progress that top firms are making to increase diversity and to advise minority, women and GLBT law students and associates

General Mills’ Roderick Palmore

According to Roderick Palmore, executive vice president, general counsel and chief compliance and risk management officer at General Mills Inc:

"The statistics speak for themselves.  They say our progress in the profession has been disappointing."

Attention Managing Partners:

More than 100 general counsel executives of Fortune 500 companies and managing partners

Two notes of optimism today for the legal profession:

“Forget the old stereotypes of law firms as inhospitable to women,” said Suzanne Riss, Editor in Chief, Working Mother magazine.  “As Working Mother examined the practices of many of the nation’s law firms, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a number have been quietly changing

“Women at modern-day law firms are so petrified of appearing unproductive that they sometimes conceal cancer or heart attacks to avoid being marginalized” according to Linda Robertson, a veteran Vancouver lawyer as reported in one of Canada’s top National Newspapers, The Globe and Mail, describing a session at The Canadian Bar Association annual meeting held

In July of 2006, The National Association of Women Lawyers challenged law firms to double the number of women equity partners and for corporations to double the number of women chief legal officers by 2015. 

The survey released today gives us a score – tells us where we are today, and it’s not a pretty