The October, 2012 issue of Edge International Communiqué is now available online.


The issue features timely articles by three of my partners at Edge International, and I am pleased to share their guidance with readers of Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices.

Ed Wesemann gives us five tips for putting on a law-firm partner retreat that will galvanize and inspire participants instead of putting them to sleep.

Douglas B. Richardson talks about how a law firm’s cultural texture is intrinsically connected to its bottom line, and explains how a professionally implemented program of cultural assessment can become a power tool that leads to improved practice and greater profitability.

Pamela Woldow discusses how legal process management has evolved in the past few years from being seen as a trendy innovation to its current status as a necessary skill set that must be acquired and deployed by firms who are serious about building more effective practices. She provides a road-map through the confusing range of LPM training programs available today, and offers essential strategies for maximizing investment of time and money in building LPM proficiency among law firms’ individuals and teams.

I invite you to check out the October, 2012 issue of Edge International Communiqué here.