As Nicole Nehama Auerbach joins Valorem, she says:

“I saw Valorem as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really make a difference in the way litigation is handled… I was captivated by the firm’s commitment to provide real value to business clients, and, in particular, its emphasis on alternative fees. Alternative fees are more important than ever to clients as the economy fluctuates and rates continue their upward march. Traditional law firms have been slow to recognize the need to satisfy their clients’ economic concerns."

Valorem Law Group represents a head on assault on the billable hour.  Here’s an excerpt from thier new web site:

The top ten list…

  1. We are all refugees of elite BigLaw firms;
  2. We are skilled courtroom lawyers, in practice and at heart;
  3. We are revolutionaries and risk-takers, entrepreneurs at heart;
  4. We bring a single-mindedness to the notion of client service;
  5. We believe you are entitled to budget certainty, to a real and realized commitment to help you deal with the cost pressures you face;
  6. We believe that the practice of law is an art, not a science;
  7. We believe in collaboration and hold the team rather than the individual sacrosanct;
  8. We love technology and efficiency — the more red tape we hack through, the better;
  9. We take our work very seriously — ourselves, not so much;
  10. We are real people, with supportive spouses and wonderful kids (who, at least today, appear to really like us).

They even have the audacity to say this:

We provide value or you adjust the bill.

I recommend a thorough tour of their web site.

My Opinion:  Don’t bet against these people – they are proven champions as individuals and together they are going to disturb the peace of the billable hour.  I say BRAVO!!  The leader is Patrick Lamb (center in photo above) – learn even more at his famous blog: In Search of Client Service