OK, so there weren’t any 17th century Managing Partners – nevertheless, two stories appeared today – yes, that’s the magic – SAME DAY! Story #1 BBC: _40121123_rumsfeldap203-1.jpgRumsfeld points to image problem (see full BBC story)

Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has told the BBC his country needs to do a “better job” at communicating its policies to the rest of the world.

Story #2 REUTERS: genImage.aspx.jpgRumsfeld defends Guantanamo, cites money invested (see full Reuters story)

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Tuesday defended the Guantanamo prison against critics who want it closed by saying U.S. taxpayers have a big financial stake in it and no other facility could replace it.

So, let’s think about this… image problem… it’s too expensive to dismantle a torture chamber… yes, I see the P.R. problem now. It’s all about cost… (PROTECT ME!!) DISCLAIMER: I am a Canadian citizen living in a British Crown Colony (Anguilla, B.W.I.) – US politics are none of my business, really, except as they might affect the world, in general… but I see a lesson for law firm managing partners here. Food For Thought: Rumsfeld is so detached from the public relations consequences of what escapes his pursed lips because he believes that the substance of his beliefs and efforts simply deserve to be appreciated. He’s like the doctor who is rude to her patients and just cannot understand why people go to lesser practitioners. The lesson here is an analogy to justice itself – it must not only be done… it must be seen to be done… I am addressing this to Managing Partners who should be constantly vigilent about the consequences of communications to the firms various audiences. (Don, if you are listening, you might want to reflect on this for a moment before George W. figures out that history may like him a tad better if he were to boot your rear end out of Washington. (Woops… I must write 100 times – “I am a Canadian… this is none of my business, sort of… I am a Canadian… this is none of my business, sort of… I am a Canadian… this is none of my business, sort of…”) genImage-2.aspx.jpgBy the way, do you think General Peter Pace, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, agrees with me, based on this photo (also in today’s Reuters story)?