head-1.gif Seth Godin’s post, Going to Meetings, outlines the benefits that might accrue to firms who look at their vendors in a new way. Here is how he introduces his wise tips for all who receive presentations from vendors:

Here are a few tips, tips that are based on one assumption: if you do a better job in the audience, the person speaking will do a better job. You’ll learn more, get more, accomplish more, today and the next time she comes back as well.

Here’s how he concludes:

When you treat your vendors the way you’d like your vendors treated, it comes back to you. It pays off. It gets you better information, better attention, better prices. You’re a professional at your desk. You should be a professional at a meeting, too.

Here is a teaser from his tips – (shocking or brilliant?): iStock_000001349122Small 72.jpg

When you meet the sales rep in the lobby, have a few interesting questions ready. Offer her a glass of water. Be on time. Act like you’re glad she’s there. Even if you’re not, acting that way will get her to do a better job, and that’s your job, right?

SUGGESTED ACTION: Read the rest of his valuable tips and publish them for your senior team. I agree with Seth… it will pay off for you (probably more handsomely than you might have imagined).