As a Managing Partner (or other member of the senior management of your firm), it is extremely important that you look beyond the incestuous offerings from inside the legal profession. Internal thinking sometimes has us gazing at our own navels.  If you want a glimpse of the outside world but in a way that is extremely time efficient, suggestica may be the answer.

Today at 8:00 AM PST, suggestica launched both the suggestics web site and the suggestica blog.

You can sign up for a newsletter at the web site and if you do not have an RSS aggregator you can sign up for an email alert at the blog.

Knowing the genius of the people who are behind this site, (including Rajesh Setty), I am optimistic that the "suggestions" from "suggestica" will be highly valuable to you as a thought leader in the legal profession.

You might start with Rajesh Setty’s blog post called Paradox of Choice for Books which will link you to a fabulous free pdf download containing fascinating research by Barry Schwartz.

The other people you see referenced at suggestica will either be people you have heard of (like Oprah Winfrey) or people whom you should know, if you don’t already (like New York Times Columnist and prolific author, Thomas L. Friedman).

Punchline:   Look outside our legal profession for catalysts for thought and the learnings that can be translated back into our profession for great benefit.  As a leader you want to keep it fresh and keep it powerful.