Synergies (with other disciplines)

My Edge International partner, Jordan Furlong, has done a nice welcome piece on Pam Woldow already (at his Law 21 blog) but I thought I would echo that Edge International is so very proud and delighted to have her on board.

Also, thank you to friends who have joined us in congratulating Pam, like Valorem’s awesome founder

If your firm has offices in the Great Lakes Region (or is thinking of expanding into it) there is an unprecedented and unmatched comprehensive analysis available: “2010 Legal Market Analysis Great Lakes Region”

The report contains:

  • 115 pages of detailed factual competitive intelligence
  • 126 charts, graphs and illustrations
  • 8 States and 10 Metropolitan Areas
  • Information

(The video is 8 minutes – watch at least the first full minute then more if it grabs you)

Law firm leaders

You don’t need to embrace social media or love technology or even be a gadget freak to have a peak at how we’ll all read magazines and papers soon… I thought a

As a Managing Partner (or other member of the senior management of your firm), it is extremely important that you look beyond the incestuous offerings from inside the legal profession. Internal thinking sometimes has us gazing at our own navels.  If you want a glimpse of the outside world but in a way that is