In July of 2006, The National Association of Women Lawyers challenged law firms to double the number of women equity partners and for corporations to double the number of women chief legal officers by 2015. 

The survey released today gives us a score – tells us where we are today, and it’s not a pretty picture.  Why if 45% of associates are female are only 16% or women equity partners and why are they compensated less than men?  The answers may be uncomfortable but they must be addressed.

"The Survey also found that women play a less extensive role in the governance of law firms, with only 16% of governance committee members and 5% of managing partners being women."

Check out this posting for the full story.  It includes quotes by Cathy Fleming, President of NAWL and a partner at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP, like this one for instance:

"What gets measured gets done," she says. "By providing quantitative benchmarks on the retention and promotion of women attorneys, NAWL expects to help advance the cause of women in the legal profession."

I congratulate Cathy Fleming and her organization for what they are attempting to achieve.