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Can You Be Too Nice?

To most of us, courtesy and consideration are almost second nature. However, Michael Fertik — founder of reputation.com — says that when we assume a leadership capacity, being “too nice” can actually be detrimental to our organizations. In a guest blog for the Harvard Business Review, Fertik says: Many yield to [the instinct to be … Continue Reading

Should You Ban PowerPoint from your Meetings?

According to a recent article in Philanthropy Daily, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has banished PowerPoint presentations from meetings of his staff. Instead he requires speakers to prepare six-page summaries of what they want to say. His meetings begin with quiet periods, during which other meeting attendees read the summaries. In a 2012 interview with Charlie … Continue Reading

Giving Your Apologies the “MIDAS” Touch

How often has someone apologized to you in a less than sincere manner, leaving you feeling more upset than if there had been no apology at all? How can we ensure that our apologies provide those we may have wronged with the kind of closure we intend? Jathan Janove at the labor and employment law … Continue Reading

Emails That Get Results

  I recently came across an excellent article in Inc. by Geoffrey James about writing effective emails. Lawyers have not traditionally been known for economy of language, but that is a skill we all must hone and put to use if we want to get results from digital communication. The Geoffrey presents six practical and … Continue Reading