I liked this:

Your legal blog has been selected by the ABA Journal as one of the 100 best websites for lawyers, by lawyers. Congratulations!

I liked this even more:

“Our list of the 100 best lawyer blogs is the cream of the crop from our directory of more than 1,500 blawgs in dozens of categories, including blawgs focused on almost every state, law school and major federal court in the nation.”

I appreciate the ABA a lot – they are the publisher of my book The Successful Lawyer and my audio program by the same name.

Here’s what I don’t like:

My friend mentor and blog provider Kevin O’Keefe has it mainly right in his post Law Blog vanity contests : ABA adds to the silliness

PUNCHLINE:  I am truly honoured by finding myself in the top 100 – make no mistake about that.  But why would I seek votes – there are many great blogs out there including ones that are not in the top 100 (and some that are in the top 100 are way too commercial for my taste – where the bloggers sell sell sell).  So I don’t seek your vote – but do appreciate your dropping by or subscribing by email or even better by RSS feed.  I would like to think, my reader, that you and I have something in common.  We enjoy different points of view and variety.  I think some of my posts have been stronger than others – some more interesting than others.  So please keep visiting Amazing Firms Amazing Practices but continually look around and find other blogs that appeal to you and scan for a useful post now and then.  I trust you to do that by yourself without the blessing of any third party – I don’t even think the winner of a popularity contest deserves your patronage more than a blog that might be more obscure but have data or a point of view you are interested in.

I think this is my least interesting blog to date but I felt compelled to write it so thanks for reading – and a reminder – don’t vote for me (if you click the "vote for this blog" link above it will take you to a place worth contemplating for a few seconds before you return to the fires that burn on your desk.)