The strategy leader of McKinsey Digital discusses the strategic implications of digital disruptions.

I encourage readers of this blog to devote a few minutes of serious consideration to a new video from McKinsey & Company. In it, McKinsey Digital’s strategy leader Jay Scanlan reminds us of the scope and speed of change that digitization is having on the the way in which all business is conducted, and points out the huge risks that business leaders invoke when they fail to adapt fully and immediately to the digital demands of their clients and competitors.

Scanlan summarizes the incalculable advantages of digitization to corporate entities, including the ways in which we assess our clients’ needs and our service-delivery options. But he also warns that failing to take immediate advantage of the range of digital opportunities may lead to the decline and even decimation of otherwise viable firms.

Does your business strategy give digitization the priority it needs to ensure your firm’s future existence? Watch the video or read the transcript, and let me know your thoughts. You are welcome to contact me through the comments section below, or directly via email. I look forward to hearing from you.