I was pleased to contribute an article entitled “Gerry Riskin’s Immutable Laws of Law Firm Success” to the February 2018 issue of Edge International Communique.

There are twelve laws in all (plus a bonus law, which is essentially a call to action). I was inspired to create them when I realized the struggle many law firms have when it comes to effectively managing their firms.

The first law, which simply states that the managing partner must be willing to manage, may seem almost self-evident. However, in far too many firms, that will does not exist. As my article states, “Firms cannot succeed with managing partners who were selected for their uncanny ability to ruffle no feathers and who discern the predominant direction of the firm and then run out in front to give the appearance of leadership. Management requires courage.”

From there, I go on to offer a step-by-step guide to developing outstanding leadership in law firms. I hope you will find the article of value.

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