An article in this month’s Corporate Counsel Magazine has the spotlight on Valorem and for good reason. 

Author Susan Hansen says:

Valorem… now boasts a list of big, brand-name clients, including funeral industry giant Service Corporation International; national shoe retailer DSW Inc.; Veolia Water, a supplier of water and wastewater management services; and the online travel site

and later in the article reports::

…clients definitely like the fact that Valorem is more than willing to work out fee arrangements that are at least partially tied to the results they produce. Case in point: a major lease dispute that Valorem is currently handling for DSW that is headed for trial in Los Angeles this fall. As part of its agreement, the company has been holding back 20 percent of Valorem’s billings, with the final payout to be determined by how well the firm meets mutually defined success metrics in the case.

Punchline:  in a world where firms and clients are talking a lot about alternate fees (AFA), Valorem and its clients are innovating with imaginative fee and billing solutions that truly are win/win, and I say BRAVO !  Managing Partners of all firms intent on surviving would do well to analyze and understand Valorem’s approach.

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Disclosure:  I have the honour of serving on Valorem’s Advisory Board