Instruction manual for winning bet after bet: 1) Print a wallet-sized copy of this photograph. 9551ac7c-7eed-4a16-a48f-ab93a53791a3.jpg 2) Laminate it – this has to look good after many many viewings. 3) Wait until a colleague from your law firm finishes their 2nd beer at your after-work watering hole. 4) Tell them if they can correctly guess the origin of the photograph you will give them $10 if they guess wrong, they give you $5. 5) Recite their choices: a) An S & M porn site b) A Lawyer’s Bio in a major law firm c) A Kidnap Victim 6) Listen to their guess. If they guess “b” laugh uncontrollably falling into but not hurting the person on the other side of you after a full 10 – 15 seconds of laughter, appearing to try to get control of your speech again, tell them you normally don’t do this but you will give them another chance 7) As they guess “a” or “c”, pull out this page (printed and in your pocket) and when they ask who the heck dwf is, show them this page. 8) Collect your $10 9) Repeat until wealthy. (Thanks to Roll on Friday – they do have some good moments.)