Brian Faloney is a very special man and marketing genius. He is responsible for his accounting firm’s advertising program designed to:

position [Atlanta accounting firm, Habif, Arogeti & Wynne] as a good local alternative to the national accounting firms

Brian Falony pix and quote.jpg Brian is a NASA fanatic – he knows all the missions to date, inside and out, and he can probably tell you more about future ones than NASA itself. Perhaps that is why he is so imaginative. He had the courage to involve clients:

“I wanted to change the theme of our ads from talking about what we did to letting our clients tell the story of what it was like to work with us,” explained Brian Falony, Director of Marketing at [Habif, Arogeti & Wynne]. “I presented the concept to the partners and they liked it. We then identified clients who would be well-known in the community and solicited their participation.”

You can read the full article about Brian Faloney at PM Forum’s professional Marketing USA magazine article. logo_haw.gif FAST FORWARD: I can not think of a law firm that would not benefit from Brian’s formula and Brian is the kind or personally generous individual and lover of marketing to spend a few minutes with you and walk you through the process. PUNCHLINE: As the sign in my doctor’s office reads: “Well Done is far more important than Well Said”. And that’s why this post congratulates Brian with a “Well Done!” Can you get past the debates in your firm to achieve action like Brian did? Disclaimer: Obey the advertising rules applicable to your jurisdiction. BONUS: Inspired by Brian’s interest in NASA, here’s an animation of the impact planned for July 4th between Deep Impact and comet Tempel 1 – AWESOME!!