Suzanne Lowe of The Expertise Marketplace Blog belongs to a group of which Superhero Trainer Adam Marx is a member.  In her blog post today, "Become a real live Superhero!", Suzanne opines that "[Adam’s] points have tremendous relevance for the leadership of professional services marketing".

But my mind went to another topic – the plethora of recent press about gender diversity in our profession (or, to be more accurate, the shameful lack thereof).

Track with me here.  My mind then went to that delightful Dolly Parton comedy (or was it a comedy) called Nine to Five. 

(Does your mind ever just take you somewhere whether you’ve decided you want to go there or not?) 

The next thing I was imagining was a young (mild mannered by day) female lawyer in the office of a middle-aged-white-male managing partner and she’s asking about the firm’s part time and family leave policies and he is describing the arcane and the anachronistic gems that were passed down to him from the son of the founder a generation ago.

OK – here’s where I completely lose control – It’s a daydream, you can’t censor my daydream!

The young lawyer pops out into the client phone booth (you know, the one just off the reception area) and twirls around at blurring speed and then stops suddenly revealing her tights and her logo.

Now, remember what Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda did to Dabney Coleman (Parton’s boss) in the Nine to Five movie?   (Hint:  a lasso and some rope were involved.)  I imagine Supergirl could look after the situation without any assistance at all (barring the presence of kryptonite).

OK, that’s where I was when my wife, Bethany, walked in on me and asked what the heck I was doing looking at a picture of Supergirl. Thanks to Suzanne Lowe, I had a bulletproof excuse.  (if you haven’t already, check out Suzanne’s post.)