365 Marketing Meditations (Daily Lessons For Marketing & Communications Professionals) by Richard S. Levick and Larry Smith (Authors) Richard Levick and Larry Smith of Levick Strategic Communications have done something quite brilliant here — although who would expect less from either of them. The concept of the book is simple yet ingenious – a marketing meditation for every day of the year. Today’s is (June 21):

Get as many benefits from a single event as you can. A seminar is an opportunity to meet and impress clients. It’s also a wonderful chance to publish its content in articles, invite clients, meet reporters, and leverage your online capabilities.

If the insights are simple and straight forward, is it necessary to buy it? YES!!! Because this is going to keep the subject in front of you every day. There is room on each page for your own thoughts and ideas. I recommend this for Marketing Partners, Chief Marketing Officers, Managing Partners, Chief Operating Officers and anyone else in a firm who thinks marketing is a state of mind. Click on the book cover if you want to see it at Amazon. (Further to comments, see addendum below.) 097599851X.01-A2ISU8XZKKL7FR._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg STATEMENT OF DISCLOSURE: Larry and Richard are dear close friends of myself and my wife, Bethany, and generously acknowledged in their book that they came to our island (Anguilla) to write this work and that we had a ball. Imagine us all at Uncle Ernie’s Beach Bar with a computer plugged in behind the ice cream cooler soaking up the ambience of Shoal Bay, according to the Travel Channel recently, the nicest beach in the world. My wife, Bethany, adds: “While most books take pages to develop a message, in this book each page is a message”. Shoal Bay: images.jpg Addendum – further to posted comments, contact Larry Smith directly to order the book.