JuneEICI am pleased to point out that the June issue of Edge International Communiqué (EIC)  has now been posted on the Edge International website.

My colleague John Plank leads off the issue with “Charisma: The Quintessential Learning Skill,” in which he explains that while most of us know that charisma is an essential attribute of great leaders, not all of us are aware that charisma is a skill that can be learned. John points out three myths associated with the concept (e.g., that charisma is related to status) and then offers three keys to charismatic communication.

Next, in “Eight Reasons for Optimism,” Neil Oakes gives us an opportunity to consider recent positive indicators of change in legal services, such as the increasing stability of prices and the stabilization of mid-tier law firms. This is a wonderful and energizing relief from what we have been reading and hearing in a lot of other places.

The issue concludes with an article by Mike White that encourages readers to get to know their buyers and their clients better than most of us typically do. In “Know Your Buyer, Know Client’s Internal Clients,” Mike points out the range of increased opportunities for cross-selling and other business development that comes from knowing more about our clients.

Each month, EIC publishes items of interest to lawyers around the world on various aspects of law-firm strategy, marketing, technology, management, economics, human relations and a host of other topics. In addition to the most recent edition, the Edge International site includes a sign-up page for those who are interested in subscribing to EIC, as well as a list of archived articles.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback on both Edge International Communique and Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices, either in the comments section below, or directly via email.