Ernie the Attorney (Ernie Svenson) and The Adventure of Strategy (Robert Millard) both came at the same issue today but in entirely different ways.  Unbeknownst to each other, they posted on a common theme:  lawyers leaving their law firms.

Ernie referred to Denise Howell of the Bag and Baggage blog:  "So, now Denise is taking a new career path and I am really happy for her; she is going to be going in a more fulfilling direction… I love this passage":

"my professional roadmap henceforth will involve only things that are washed through a stringent "how much do I really love that?" filter"

Ernie went on: "I think more people are starting to discover that filter."

Greenberg Traurig’s Cesar Alvarez, quoted in Robert’s post said:"One of the keys to preventing lateral defections is to keep attorneys from feeling isolated."

The two bloggers seem to emphasize different perspectives on why the issue of lawyers leaving their law firms is so important:

Ernie’s:  "We don’t’ really have time to do things that aren’t supremely meaningful and enjoyable to us.  We barely have time for the things that matter most, and time is running out."

Robert’s:  "Key to any strategy is to have the right people in place to be able to execute the strategy. If firms are bleeding top (partner) talent at such a rate, then this is something worth addressing."

My Opinion:   Ernie and Robert are both absolutely correct and that’s why I brought their complementary posts together.  A firm cannot prosper without keeping its best people and the best people will always have choices which they will exercise based on their drive for self actualization.  The Managing Partners who understand this and manage accordingly will be judged as our profession’s greatest heroes.

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