200_suggestion_box_for_web.jpgAwareness among businesses of the importance of customer experience has never been greater. By considering how companies assess this experience and work to improve it –  such as the introduction of the chief experience officer (CXO) position to management teams – law firms can also improve their competitive advantage.

Businesses increasingly recognize that if they want to remain competitive, they must understand their consumers’ experiences with their products. In most law firms, too, there is a greater emphasis than ever before on looking at legal services from clients’ points of view. From attracting new clients through the improvement of existing relationships, many firms use a combination of metrics and intuition to guide and refine their efforts to provide greater client satisfaction.

However, in a new article on TNW, social media marketer Garrett Heath points out that perceptions of the nature and quality of customer/client experiences are often little more than guesswork on the part of existing managers. Enter the chief experience officer (CXO), a relatively new position in many companies that is intended to focus exclusively on the entire customer experience – from the identification of customer needs through the assessment of how well those needs are met, from a host of different perspectives.

While the concept of the CXO at this point seems to be restricted almost exclusively to the corporate world, I believe that creating a position with responsibilities similar to that of a corporate CXO would be of extraordinary benefit to almost every law firm.  (I recently had a chat with a seasoned cardiologist and mentioned that I was intending to do this post about CXO’s.  To my surprise, he said “oh yes, our hospital has one of those”.

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