FriedIn a May 2014 article for Inc. (Magazine), Jason Fried warns would-be employees that simply submitting a well constructed resume detailing impressive credentials is not the best way to get a job with his company.

Fried, who is is the co-founder and president of 37signals, a company that builds web-based productivity tools such as Basecamp, says one of the major attributes he is looking for in prospective employees is their ability to invest effort in their work, and he believes that he can tell from the moment of initial contact from hopeful prospects whether they have what it takes in that area or not.

In “The One Trait That Guarantees a Good Hire,” Fried cites what may sound like an over-the-top example of going beyond the resume: the person who built an entire website just to show his or her suitability to fill the job Fried had on offer. It is not necessary to go quite that far, he suggests: he gives positive feedback to such initiatives as customizing resumes and cover letters to show particular suitability to the position for which the application is being made.

He says that people who really want to work with him “… don’t speak in generalities about what makes them great. They speak specifically about how they would be a great addition to Basecamp.”

Considering “effort” (or even “extra effort”) among hiring criteria is a step that could benefit not only applicants but also employers, no matter what the field.

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