The September 2007 McKinsey Quarterly has an interesting article called: The Evolving Role of the CMO by David Court who discusses four areas of change for the CMO:

  • Changing to reflect new consumer [client?] buying behavior
  • Shaping the Company’s [Firm’s?] public profile
  • Managing Complexity
  • Building new Marketing Capabilities

Before concluding, David discusses how the CEO [Managing partner?] can help.  This advice touches three areas

  • Take time to understand what’s really happening with customers [clients?]
  • Foster the right connection between the CMO’s efforts and those other parts of the organization
  • Be a "thought partner" for the CMO as he or she transforms the marketing organization.

PUNCHLINE:  I know The Evolving Role of the CMO was not written for law firm CMO’s but then again how much of real quality is.  If you are a serious CMO in a serious law firm, get your librarian to acquire this for you and, if I am right, you will then want to ask your Managing Partner to read it (11 pages including graphics etc) and have a meeting with you to discuss the benefits the two of you can achieve from selectively implementing the David Court’s suggestions.  I am well aware that many CMO’s do not have the influence they deserve inside their law firms – this may be a helpful tool on the path to acquiring it.

NOTE:  General access to McKinsey Quarterly is free but requires registration and log-in – for recommended article, premium (paid) subscription is required.