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Managing Partners should have 3 priorities as confidence index drops to record low

From the Sacramento Business Journal today: Law firm confidence index drops to record low Excerpt: Confidence in the economy among managing partners at large law firms nationwide hit new lows in the first quarter, according to the latest research from the Citi Private Bank Law Firm Group in New York City. I recommend three priorities … Continue Reading

Lehman Liquidation? Merrill Acquisition? Greenspan: “worst economy I’ve ever seen”?

Managing Partners, you may have a disaster plan for fire, perhaps for terrorism – do you have one for the economic train coming off the tracks? Listen (and watch) what Greenspan said yesterday Sept 14th (50 seconds) Punchline:  You are getting fair warning – are you acting on it?  This is not a time for … Continue Reading

Gaining Influence as a law firm CMO

The September 2007 McKinsey Quarterly has an interesting article called: The Evolving Role of the CMO by David Court who discusses four areas of change for the CMO: Changing to reflect new consumer [client?] buying behavior Shaping the Company’s [Firm’s?] public profile Managing Complexity Building new Marketing Capabilities Before concluding, David discusses how the CEO … Continue Reading