If your firm has offices in the Great Lakes Region (or is thinking of expanding into it) there is an unprecedented and unmatched comprehensive analysis available: “2010 Legal Market Analysis Great Lakes Region”

The report contains:

  • 115 pages of detailed factual competitive intelligence
  • 126 charts, graphs and illustrations
  • 8 States and 10 Metropolitan Areas
  • Information on 215 law offices

Cities included:

  • Chicago
  • Milwaukee
  • Detroit
  • Indianapolis
  • Cincinnati
  • Minneapolis
  • Columbus
  • Buffalo
  • Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh

I think this is a fantastic deal.  If your firm tried to pull this together on your own, you’d spent months and tens of thousands worth of time doing your due diligence which would include analyzing the firms, clients and economics of the region.  I expected the price would be around $7,500 but it offered at $2,995

I was also impressed by the Guarantee of Satisfaction – if your firm is disappointed (you won’t be) you can pull the trigger on the guarantee.

For many leaders, the most important and imponderable question relates to the timing of the recovery — one of the elements of this report is

  • “Prognosis for timing and extent of legal market economic recovery”

My enthusiasm for The “2010 Legal Market Analysis Great Lakes Region” is based on these simple premises:

  1. The team that created it has many decades of law firm experience
  2. The sources of data are impeccable
  3. Ed Wesemann (architect of this publication) is a truly gifted analyst and law specialist

The downloadable prospectus including full Table of Contents will give you an idea as to how well organized this work is.

At the very least, this analysis is an important reality check.  Many firms have skewed views of their own markets based on prejudices or outdated data that tends to stick in the minds of firm leaders.

Here is an excerpt from the free  downloadable prospectus showing the nature of the contents of the report:

A detailed competitive analysis for each city providing:

  • Comparative reputation within the specific legal market
  • Detailed descriptions of competitive situations
  • 2010 depth counts of lawyers in the local office and firm-wide

An accurate and up-to-date economic analysis of each metro area including:

  • Projections of the growth of key drivers that affect the legal market
  • Prognosis for timing and extent of legal market economic recovery
  • 2010 Assessment of stability of leading industries and top employers

Assessment of demographic, businesses and market data for each state and metro area including:

  • Size of legal markets
  • Business friendliness, job growth, cost of doing business and other important indicators
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) Analysis for large firm legal practice in each metro area

Download the prospectus and see for yourself.

Note:  I know the people behind this initiative very well but want to make it clear that I have absolutely no financial interest in their venture — I am posting this based on receiving a review copy. I believe this is an extraordinary offering and far more valuable than its price would reflect.