I was pleased to contribute an article entitled “Stealth Discrimination: A Model for Choosing and Managing Your Leaders” to the December 2017 issue of Edge International Communique.

I developed the “Stealth Discrimination Model” several years ago to assist managing partners and others responsible for leadership in law firms who (like most of us) simply do not have the time to find and nurture leadership for every team or department in the firm. An elegant solution to this problem involves discrimination in terms of where you put your efforts, and the model helps to make this process straightforward and effective. Rather than attempting blanket coverage, the approach encourages firm managers to choose leaders who can in turn help the various parts of a firm succeed in the missions that will have the greatest future impact.

The article includes an explanation of how the discrimination model works in practice, and a diagram that indicates the factors that must be considered in order to create the most effective customized strategy for your firm or group. I encourage you to check it out  – along with the two other informative articles written by Edge colleagues that also appear in the issue.

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