guykawasaki3.jpg Guy Kawasaki two days in a row? Not my fault – his. Guy was traveling on: images-36.jpg from denver-airport1lg.jpg to ggbridge.jpg when he decided to create this email gem called The Effective Emailer. Guy recites a dozen sensible and perhaps essential rules of email etiquette. I almost called this post: “Don’t FUQ with me and I won’t FUQ with you” but then I thought it may not be so obvious that this Kawasakism really means “Fabricate Unanswerable Questions”. As for the title I chose, when you read #10 in his post you will learn how to avoid “a sure sign of bozosity”! FASTFORWARD: Our Edge International project for a non-email protocol to dramatically reduce emaill within organizations continues. I think we’re ahead of the curve (few people know they want this or care) which is exactly where we want to be. In the meantime, email behaviors neeed all the help they can get and I thing Guy Kawasaki’s contribution is the best I’ve seen recently. Stay tuned.