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Microsoft’s Lawyers Told to Swap Billable Hours for Alternative Fee Strategies

According to an article on Quartz, Microsoft will require all of the law firms with which it works to move to a retainer or other billing approach for most legal matters, rather than billing by the hour, within two years. As the article points out, the billable hour may be traditional and standard procedure for … Continue Reading

Time Is Money: Except When You Fail to Bill It

When I saw an article in the ABA Journal entitled “Lawyers are only billing a fraction of their time; how can they be more efficient?”, I thought the contents would be a reminder about the lack of discipline lawyers exhibit in recording their time. A lot of revenue is lost simply by failing to record time when … Continue Reading

Alternative Fees For Litigators: Timely and Practical Advice

I am delighted to recommend to you a new book by my esteemed colleague and friend, Patrick J. Lamb. Alternative Fees for Litigators and their Clients is published by the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association. Most law firms today are wrangling with issues related to alternative fee structures. Whether we want to … Continue Reading