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One Third of Law Firms Plan to Increase Marketing and Business Development Budgets in 2019

Michael Rynowecer, founder and president of BTI Consulting, reports that a remarkable one third of law firms in the USA plan to increase their spending on marketing and business development (MBD) in 2019. “This is three times more firms than last year,” Rynowecer says, “making this the largest number of firms increasing their MBD spending in … Continue Reading

How Do Clients Choose a Lawyer? The Hidden Power of Asking for Referrals

I recently came across an article about consumer purchasing that made me reflect on my own purchasing decisions… and then led me to wonder whether those lessons could be applied to how law firms go about attracting and retaining clients. “The secret science of shopping: Why we buy what we do” by Belle Beth Cooper, … Continue Reading

“Competitive Intelligence” and the Practice of Law

The Legal Intelligencer has launched a series of articles that focus on “competitive intelligence” in the context of legal practice. The term “competitive intelligence” refers to the ways in which one company makes itself aware of what other companies in the same field (i.e., its “competitors”) are doing. This may include tracking their business practices, … Continue Reading

Peter Darling disagrees with me

Peter Darling’s accomplishments entitle him to be heard and considered – whether he is disagreeing or not.  In his June 20 post: Everyone Else Loves This Ad. Why Don’t I? Peter logically walks us through his analysis of the Luce Forward ad (below) that I praised in my post: Contemplating advertising? You had better "Nail … Continue Reading