GARJan1415In 2013, Gregory Jordan left his position as managing partner at the international law firm Reed Smith to work as general counsel at PNC Financial. At a recent Law Firm Leaders Forum hosted by Thomson Reuters, he was invited to share his thoughts on effective law-firm management from his new perspective as general counsel to a major financial-services company.

In a November, 2014 article in Above the Law, David Lat outlined ten tips that Jordan offered to managing partners at the forum. Jordan called them “The top 10 things I wish I knew when I had your job….”

They included: keeping client communications to essentials; paying attention to corporate clients’ quarterly schedules; staying close to clients on an ongoing basis so that you will be on their radar when they need you; and several other useful points.

I found Jordan’s tips, and David Lat’s article, interesting and insightful, and I hope you will as well.

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