Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 12.14.22 PMThe Second Edition of The Successful Lawyer: Powerful Strategies for Transforming Your Practice is now available in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Among the kudos the first edition of this book attracted was one from Tom Peters, the highly acclaimed writer on business-management practice and author of In Search of Excellence, who described The Successful Lawyer as “Well argued and exceptionally practical.”

Sections of the book include: Putting Client-Relations Skills to Work; Increasing Your Value; The Business of Law; and Time and Money. The 48 chapters include: “Meeting Prospective Clients,” “Managing Client Expectations,” “Becoming More Valuable,” “Dealing with Difficult People,” “Harnessing Technology,” “Managing Time” and many others.

The Successful Lawyer is truly a gift that keeps on giving. If you already have a copy on your shelf (which I hope you do!), you may want to consider giving one to other lawyers in your life, to help them attract more work, reduce stress and gain greater enjoyment from their practices. Adding a copy to your office library will benefit your entire firm.

The Kindle version is readable on any electronic device, and you can obtain a Kindle app for any device you have. There’s a link to the app on the Amazon page where the book is listed. You can also order The Successful Lawyer from your favourite independent bookseller.