VerrillDana2Kudos to the law firm of Verrill Dana LLP for ranking as one of the top law firms in the US for its percentage of female partners.

A nationwide survey by Law360 showed that Verrill Dana is among the top 25 firms in the country with the highest concentration of female partners – earning the company 14th place in Law360s “2014 Class of Ceiling Smashers.”

At Verrill Dana, a full-service law firm with more than 100 lawyers, 32% of the firm’s partners are women. Law360 reports that, by contrast, only 21% of law-firm partners nationally are women – despite the fact that women make up 43% of all non-partners.

Obviously, the national balance between male and female partners will not be equitable until it reflects the gender balance in the practice as a whole, but firms like Verrill Dana LLP are to be commended for their achievement, and congratulated for their well deserved national recognition.

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