AFAPAug15Eduardo C. Leite, the Global Chairman at Baker & McKenzie – one of the oldest and most prominent law firms in the world – has written a persuasive article for Bloomberg  on the benefits his firm has experienced from its participation in social media.

He points out that Twitter, blogs and other social media platforms allow his firm to communicate not only with clients but among colleagues worldwide, giving the company a more human touch and a more forward-thinking profile.

Leite says:

Clients expect to be supported by firms that know them well, who understand their industries, products, cultures and technologies . . . firms that can keep up with them. They also want their law firms to be as innovative, efficient and forward-looking as they are. Among many things this means embracing today’s technologies and keeping abreast of the latest digital trends in communications and marketing, including social media and blogging.

Leite opens his article by citing a statistic he read recently that says that only one in five managing partners of AmLaw 100 firms use Twitter. He says he is proud to be “one of the few.” I would guess that the statistics are similar for law firms across the board.

Are you among “the few”? Has your firm adopted social media as part of its communications strategy?

I invite you to let us know your thoughts on this – or any other – matter. You can share them in the comments section below, or contact me directly.