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You Can’t Afford to Keep Losing Your Women Lawyers

Catalyst studies show an associate’s departure costs a [Canadian] firm about $315,000 in recruiting, training, salaries, overhead, severance, outplacement and other costs – not including hiring a replacement. The stress of juggling work and family usually falls more heavily on female lawyers… So what can law firms do to be more flexible in the face … Continue Reading

The Addiction that Society Applauds

The addicts referred to are identified in the title of a Reuter’s story today: Workaholics struggle to say ‘No’ to work Does this sound familiar: WA [Workaholics Anonymous] identifies workaholics as people who often are perfectionists and worriers, derive their self esteem from work, keep overly busy, neglect their health, postpone vacations and overschedule their … Continue Reading

Article on New Partners Ignores Diversity published Firms Show Modest Growth in New Partners today without a mention of diversity – not even gender. In light of the recent New York Times article Why Do So Few Women Reach the Top of Big Law Firms I would have liked to see some information beyond mere numbers of new partners – … Continue Reading

Why Do So Few Women Reach the Top of Big Law Firms?

Business > Image > Unequal Partners.jpg” src=”” width=”507″ height=”461″ /> This five page article, Why Do So Few Women Reach the Top of Big Law Firms?, by TIMOTHY L. O’BRIEN in today’s New York Times is an excellent piece with some myth-busting comments like: Although women certainly leave firms to become more actively involved in … Continue Reading

Who are your “most beautiful” lawyers?

Are you incredulous? Do you think I am making this up? Richard Dearden, media manager of Irwin Mitchell (Top 10 UK firm) sent an internal email which included this: We’ve trawled the intranet and pulled together our most photogenic people for potential models. We don’t have the schedule agreed yet, but if you are around … Continue Reading

Doing the Right Thing Wrong – Female Mentoring

The introduction of Female Mentoring at Freshfields (London-based global firm) is to be congratulated and condemned at the same time – perhaps King Solomom would have a different take on this but here is mine. I applaud: – the motives (diversity – attracting and keeping more women in a firm that lacks the degree of … Continue Reading

Overwhelmingly White and Male

“Diversity in a City partnership: men in dark grey suits and in light grey suits” The “City” is London and thanks once again to the rollonfriday for yet another interesting post Clients force firms to take diversity seriously… Barclays, the mega UK based bank, has requested diversity stats from prominent City firms including: “Allen & … Continue Reading

$16 Million anyone?

Well — not just anyone… DuPont, Sara Lee, Shell Oil and Wal-Mart put there money where their proverbial mouths are. The National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) applauds these corporations for their committment to place a total of at least $16 million dollars of legal work with minority-owned law firms during … Continue Reading

The next Bill Gates an immigrant woman of color?

Diversity consultant Jacob H. Herring, President and CEO of Creative Culture Changes, LLC, argues that the diversity “movement” has been growing, not only in numbers, but, in intensity. He indeed warns: Who knows what the next Bill Gates will look like. Such a person may not look at all like the current Mr. Gates: e.g., … Continue Reading

Ingenious Alliance to Create and Market Diversity

Bravo to Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice and Molden Holley Fergusson Thompson & Heard for their ingenious alliance to create and market diversity. Molden Holley is a small and new African-American firm comprised of partners who came from major firms. In what appears to be a brilliant win-win alliance, this new firm will continue to … Continue Reading

Law Firms as “Exclusive Clubs for White Men”

Is Diversity on your management agenda? Has it ever been? This is a serious wake up call to every single member of your law firm’s management team. Diversity is not some do-good-philanthropic-topic for a tea party of the rich and bored. Diversity is serious business: serious to business; serious for business… not to mention that … Continue Reading