Workshop #2
Leading Your Hybrid Law Firm
Gerry Riskin
, Founding Principal and Chairman, Edge InternationalIs hybrid work here to stay? How can we ensure productivity and accommodate remote work? What resources and tools are needed? Join your fellow law firm leaders for a candid freestyle discussion on the intended and unintended consequences of the

How Should Senior In-House Counsel Respond to Uncontrolled Social Media Postings:

One of my Edge International colleagues, Jonathan Middleburgh, who is both an organizational psychologist and a barrister, is publishing a newsletter on Substack for general counsel.  (You may remember him as the individual in our team who was responsible for the Edge International global

I recently wrote a post for Edge International Communiqué on the perils of making age-based assumptions about our legal-profession colleagues. I share it here for those who missed it.

Business People Working on DocumentsBoth older and younger lawyers can let all kinds of intergenerational nonsense get in the way of clear thinking. The misunderstandings that result can do actual