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Your Hologram Can Really Speak Their Language

A tip of the hat to Michael Anderson for drawing my attention to an article at that explains how hologram doppelgangers of ourselves can make us sound a whole lot more linguistically agile than we actually are. Equally mind-boggling: the technology is available today. At a recent Microsoft Inspire partner conference, company executive Julie … Continue Reading

Device Allows Users to “Think” Search Requests to their Computers

The futurist Ray Kurzweil reports that, thanks to a new “intelligence-augmentation device” invented by an MIT research group, users can “‘speak silently’ with a computer by just thinking.” The device, called AlterEgo, uses electrodes to gather “otherwise undetectable neuromuscular sub-vocalizations” and create data that can be “understood” by the user’s computer system. To activate the technology, … Continue Reading

Would you associate these powerhouse law firms with “Quality of Life”?

Top 10 recipients of associates’ seal of approval: 1.    Ropes & Gray 2.    Williams & Connolly 3.    Morrison & Foerster        4.    Fitzpatrick 5.    Shook, Hardy & Bacon 6.    Hughes Hubbard & Reed           7.    Jones Day 8.    Davis Polk 9.    Paul, Weiss 10.  Skadden, Arps View the entire 2011 Vault Law Firm Quality of Life Rankings. … Continue Reading

Think Pink ! Motivators More Powerful than Money (revisited)

This clever animation may reinforce Dan Pink’s message from his new book Drive.  Compensation has been the tool of choice in law firms to reward good performance, punish the absence of it and drive change. You will not want to believe what you are about to hear and see…  ask yourself why? If you are … Continue Reading

Motivators More Powerful than Money?

I believe in capitalism and free enterprise.  I have a business degree before law.  My practicing years were spent helping clients increase their profits… managing partner years helping my partners increase theirs.  You’ll get no socialistic psychobabble from me. I encourage you to assimilate the compelling evidence that increasing compensation in the hope of enhancing performance actually backfires.  … Continue Reading

Does Social Media matter to law firms?

PUNCHLINE: If Social Media matters, then it matters to law firms because everything that matters to society in general must matter to law firms sooner or later.  Watch this and make your own decision.… Continue Reading

Sex Quiz or should I say “Sachs Quiz”

Question One:  Do you know the difference between "sex" and "Sachs" If "YES", go to "Question Two"; if NO, click here Question Two:  Do you know the difference between "Goldman Sachs" and "Goldmansex" If "YES", go to "Question Three"; if "NO", GOOD GRIEF ! Question Three:  Do you know the difference between "" and ""? … Continue Reading