Business-women-meeting1.jpg The introduction of Female Mentoring at Freshfields (London-based global firm) is to be congratulated and condemned at the same time – perhaps King Solomom would have a different take on this but here is mine. I applaud: – the motives (diversity – attracting and keeping more women in a firm that lacks the degree of gender balance that it desires) – instituting a mentoring program I am concerned with: – the sexist notion that only women can mentor women – the exclusion of men from the program – many men desperately need mentoring also and can offer it as well. In fact, in firms where I am asked to offer special sessions dealing with special challenges faced by women in dealing with clients, I insist on participation by at least some of the firm’s men. This is not token. They offer invaluable insights. FASTFORWARD: If you do not have a mentoring program, you should consider starting one. The benefits are too abundant to list here, not the least of which is better performance and lower turnover both leading to greater profitability. See the original post at Roll on Friday.