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Miss North Carolina has an MBA and practices law with prominent N.C. law firm Poyner Spruill

Update May 3, 2019: Congratulations to Cheslie Kryst, who has won the Miss USA Pageant and will now move on to compete for the title of Miss Universe! . A civil litigation lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina, Miss North Carolina has been attracting media attention, as well as invitations to speak and to serve as … Continue Reading

Pull up a Chair: The Virtual Lunch Meeting

In an interesting fusion of technology and food, a company called eatNgage is offering users the opportunity to participate in virtual lunch meetings with groups of staff, clients, colleagues or others. The rationale? People are more likely to look forward to, and show up for, a meeting that involves a meal than one that takes … Continue Reading

How Do Super-Productive People Do It? Seven Traits They Share

The Harvard Business Review reports on a study of attributes and behaviours of highly productive individuals from a range of industries that was undertaken in an attempt to understand their much-better-than-average outputs. Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman collected data on 7,000 workers, from code-writers to butchers, who had been rated by their managers as “super-productive.” … Continue Reading

“The Vanishing Middle”

Bruce MacEwen of Adam Smith, Esq. fame does not disappoint in yet another thought-provoking post “The Vanishing Middle”. Read his post and then you will learn about the “hourglass”, “pear” and “palm tree” models. PUNCHLINE: Read Bruce’s post and whatever your preference, make sure your strategy is consistent with the right model for the clients … Continue Reading

Met with Lexthink’s Matt Homann

You probably know Matthew Homann, lawyer and mediator, as a prolific blogger. What you may not know is that Matthew is one of the principals of LexThink. Matthew and I met on Monday in Los Angeles at an undisclosed secure location where we could have a discrete discussion about blogging and LexThink: Here’s a hint: … Continue Reading

Go where no law firm has gone before

Transcend your mundane day-to-day to-do list with a journey into space — I would say imagine but I don’t have to — because it is real. Go to the most unbelievable web site in existence and enjoy the preview… This is NOT fiction… this is an understated and underpublicized miracle that may someday save your … Continue Reading

Ethnocentricity in a Global Village – take the test

July 1 was Canada Day, July 4th is the US’s Independence Day. Is that it? I DON’T THINK SO!! July 1 was also: Aarauer Maienzug in Switzerland Bank Holiday in Taiwan Communist Party Foundation in China Emancipation Day in St. Eustatius Freedom Day in Suriname Heiva i Tahiti in French Polynesia Hong Kong Special Administrative … Continue Reading

Latham & Watkins – Princes of the City

“The City”, of course, is none other than New York City. How did Latham & Watkins catapult itself in 20 years from occupying one floor in the Lipstick Building to becoming “the building’s biggest tenant, sprawling over 16 floors and more than 300,000 square feet” “This year the firm’s New York office became its largest, … Continue Reading

Law Practice Today (ABA) added to list

Thank you to Dennis Kennedy for adding Law Practice Today (ABA) to the lawyer’s must read list. You will see his comment on my Patrick Lamb post. Thank you Dennis. The list now reads: American Lawyer Corporate Legal Times Law Firm, Inc. Law Practice Management Small Firm Business Law Practice Today… Continue Reading